"Do yourself a favour… This is not normally my style of reading so I was hesitant, but wow, I’m glad I did! Right from the start I was completely hooked. What a story, and so eloquently written. The beautifully descriptive prose took me right there, the characters were so believable, so Australian. Can't wait for the next book."
Andrea S, Queensland
"Well done! It sure is a good read."
Jack W, Clayfield, Australia
"You have a gift for the descriptive. I could picture scenes coming alive in my mind."
Walter W, Ipswich, Queensland
"I've started reading, I can't stop! It's a great book!"
"I've finished your book. Thank you! Wonderful, amazing! So much must have gone into it."

Cathy Faelmann, Queensland
"It so enticingly draws you into the characters, places and story. Magical and yet all so real and touching."
Tallara L, Brisbane, Australia
"So impressed with the descriptive way he paints pictures of the outback townships and the countryside ... clever!"
Anne C, Gold Coast
"It was an absolute page turner. Excellent writing. Great Australian story. Highly recommended."
Duncan Hulme – Fine Art Restorer, Sydney
"I've only read a few pages and I know I'm going to enjoy it. I was heart broken about the..."
Leigh, South Brisbane
"Mesmerising and magical. Stirs the senses and pulls on the heartstrings."
Meredith Garlick, Film Producer, Thomas Street Productions
"Your choice of language and imagery is beautiful. You use an economy of precisely chosen words and there's a poetic flow to the prose."
Glenys, Maranoa Shire, Queensland
"It's a really good book. It's just like all the places I've been. I know these people."
Marg, Murweh Shire, Queensland
"So captivatingly written that, by the last line, the characters feel like family."
Jacqueline Cook, The Real Great Escape
"A great story and wonderfully descriptive, it resonated with me, especially with the mention of towns that we have visited on our recent road trip."
Richard T, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
"I am really struck by your writing. Intrigued and moved, thoughts stimulated, transported to a land I don’t know. Given insight, pace and feeling in a different world. Rich! Distinctive!"
Dylan M, Somerset, UK