Giving a Voice to the Yarn

Hearing voices in my head is not new, they’ve been there my whole working life.


Another Brick in the Wall

I can never know what he was thinking...


Everybody Can Get In On This Act...

If you live rurally, even semi-rurally, this may not seem too big a deal, though it’s likely to hit home if you reverse the roles.


Twenty Twenty Four, What Is It Good For?

If you answered at all, take it as a positive: you’ve still a pulse. Now you can press the humility button and say to yourself I have it all…


Picture This: I Got Something Wrong.

This is a bit of a personal howler, though it's been pointed out it doesn't really count as such, coming in under the get-out-of-gaol category: subjects not broadly known...


It's All Right There on the Label...

While a teenager ... when only people were a mystery, watching them closely developed into a habit of mine. On display were their fingerprints, some a greasy smudge, others sublimely light.


"Australia is a Paradise..."

My father spoke those words almost every time I visited him, especially when we were about to enjoy food prepared outdoors. 


That, Madam / Sir, Is None of Your Business.

In an earlier age that response may have been an acceptable answer to the question:


It Wasn't a Spielberg Surprise...

You've got to be ready for the surprise, especially when you're on a road trip, the blacktop a blur...


It's a Funny Feeling You Get...

It would be a gross overstatement to liken the feeling alluded to, above, to that of a castaway throwing an SOS out to sea in a bottle, then sighting a rescue ship's smoke on the horizon.