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Where I’m Going...

Check back regularly for updates. We're off to the Queensland Sunshine Coast and Hinterlands in the next few months.

Where I've Been...


Author on the Sidewalk book signing
Books@Stones, Stones Corner
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Thank you to all who came by the Author on the Sidewalk event at Books@Stones. A special thanks to Jeremy for the set-up and friendly hosting, and also to those who went home with a copy of The Last Promise. This really is a neighbourhood friendly bookshop. With gratitude to owners, Karen and Michael. Until next time!


Author Book Reading and Signing at Roma Library
Roma Community Arts Centre, 38-44 Hawthorne St, Roma
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Next stop was Roma: I hadn't been to Roma since the '80s on my way to Carnarvon Gorge. The Roma audience was a tight group with a very positive response to my live reading.
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Author Book Reading and Signing at Charleville Library
94 Alfred St, Charleville
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It was great to pull into Charleville for a good look around. We met the locals, read some of my book to them, and had an engaging and lively chat.
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Author Book Reading and Signing at Quilpie Library
52 Brolga St, Quilpie
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We spent 48 hours at beautiful Quilpie - definitely not long enough to enjoy all of what Quilpie has to offer. But definitely enough time to discover it's an exceptional place with lots of great people, some who came to the reading.
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Author Book Reading and Signing at Mitchell Library
Mitchell Library Gallery Building, Cambridge Street, Mitchell
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Mitchell - famous for its artesian hot spa - was our first stop. It was delightful and a great success.
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Author on the Sidewalk book signing
Books@Stones, Stones Corner

My author signing on Sunday the 4th of June was a great success. Had a lovely crowd of book buyers come by, chat and ask that question all writers love to hear: what's it about?
Met some very lovely folk at the Corner. Special appreciation to Karen and Michael at Books@Stones.


The Last Promise Book Launch
State Library of Queensland

There’s a draw to a book launch when it’s to be held at the BIG library.

A warm and generous crowd enjoyed the long-anticipated appearance of The Last Promise, a south west Queensland story set in train by a solemn promise impossible to keep.

The event, a Q&A, book signing, and post-launch conviviality, all went off without a hitch.