The Last Promise

A redemption story, a coming-of-age story, a young man with a tragedy of his own.
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In touching opening pages, hope swirls mystically for an outback family, and a grave decision casts the die for a young man. Decades later, he strives for his own seemingly impossible dream. He's the last of his bloodline. He's reaching for manhood. He's as good as a million miles away from Lizzie, the one he's crazy about.

So far, Tim's home, this tiny dot of a town on the plains of south west Queensland, is no different from a lot of others, but you don’t yet know why it has a statue at its crossroads, you haven't heard why it's got the publican it has, why the town’s doctor has a second job, what the contraption on a wall in a side lane is supposed to be, what's buried by the gate of a deserted clearing, and what the twin reasons are that forced an old man to return to his birthplace after decades.

Everything's against Tim: he's not getting anywhere nearer to what he needs, and it'll be more hell for him before things look up. The most unlikely appearance of two apparent strangers will collide with this young man at his lowest.


A portion of all sales goes to official partner, Rural Aid.


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